Saturday, 16 November 2019

Galactic Heroes - The Empire Strikes Back

After the triumph of Galactic Heroes a New Hope (see here) it was off to Tatooine for some more Star Wars silliness. In this scenario the players are elite Imperial commandos (Darth Vaders Inquisitorious plus associated hangers on, for those familiar with the Marvel Darth Vader universe).

Located in a remote mountainous region is a secret rebel base! Imperial forces have assembled to attack it, but it is defended by multiple energy shields there reports of a rogue Jedi in the area. Cue Darth and his Imperial commandos, who need to hunt down the Jedi and destroy the field generators before the attack can go in.

AT-ATs lined up to lead the assault from one flank.

And some AT-STs on the other. These all cheap die-cast toys from Japan, none of your 50 quid Revell kits here!

The surface of the rebel base, the Millenium Falcon seems to be parked here to.

Jawa sand crawler and some fried Jawas. I can't  think who would have shot these up, Sand People no doubt.

Over on the other side is a shot up hab near some moisture vaporators. More Sand People atrocities I expect. Poor Luke.

Some mega fauna roam the desert.

Tim C went for a trooper heavy assault team, including some Imperial Army heavy troopers. Thier first serious encounter was with Obi Wan himself. Oops!

Fortunately Obi Wan had an urgent appointment to do and swished away. This is not the base you are looking for.

John selected no lesser personage than the Emperor himself, no doubt keeping an eye on his wayward apprentice.  He also had this rather magnificent Imperial Probe Droid.

Tim G decided the Grand Inqusitor ws the one to go with, and outfitted with a dashing speeder off he went, chopping up some Rebel troopers with his double bladed lightsaber.

He went to investigate the hab and promptly fell nto a trap. This was to be a recurring theme.

Tim C began to assault the rebel bunkers.

While the Emperor checked out the trenches.

Tims stormtrooper squad had meanwhile commandered an AT-AT which set off towards the rebel lines. In this distance is Jerrys' enhanced Imperial Officer with a speeder and command na dscouting upgrades.

Jerry had also commandered an AT-AT which opened a withering fire on these unfortunate rebel troopers.

Tim C ran into Obi Wan again.

While the Emperor checked out the mountains.

Tim C and John commandered the AT-STs. A good job as some rebels popped up in the trenches.,

Jerry's AT-AT managed to fall into a trap, watched by the probe droid.

The AT-STs wobbled forwards slowly.

Jerry was rapidly up and running again, off to check out the Jawas.

The Grand Inquisitor chopped up some rebels standing around the Millenium Falcon.

Jerrys officer found some rebels up in the mountains. Sadly for them the AT-AT was in easy range.

ObiWan made a stand by the radar tower, but Imperials were all over the base by now.

Obi Wan and the Grand Inquisitor faced off by one of the generators.

The Grand Inquisitor was victorious however.

Jerrys'AT-AT fell into another trap by the sand crawler.

Everyone else converged on the last token, the moisture vaporators near the burning hab.

The Inquistor got there first, and promptly fell into a trap.

Half the Imperial forces converged on the trap to rescue him (and claim the token), but in the event he managed to free himself.

So at the end the base had been overrun. Sadly I can't remember who won! I have a suspicion it was Jerry, but may have been Tim. Anyway, as before it was a load of fun and not terribly serious. Mainly an excuse to push toys around and make blaster and lightsaber noises.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

USS Intrepid

I was fortunate enough to visit New York a couple of  years ago, accompanying my wife who was on a work trip  While she was off setting the world right, I had an opportunity to look around and one of my must-do things was a trip to the USS Intrepid moored on the Hudson River.

I had seen it from the river before, but nothing had quite prepared me for how absolutely huge it was close up. I have tried to capture some if its immensity.

It is like standing next to a block of flats.

Here is Intrepid in full WW2 mode. She was built in 1944 and served in WW2, Korea and Vietnam.

The hangar deck, which stretched faaaaar into the distance.

A Dauntless(?) TBD. I spent hours and hours flying one of these in the old Microprose flight sim, Pacific Air War.

Something more modern.

Flying Banana!

The superstructure, with a Harrier in the foreground.

The deck was packed with various aircraft.

US jets.

A collection of helicopters.

A beautiful Harrier.

Various inside bits.

The Flag Bridge.

Quite an impressive view from the top of the Bridge.

Nice view of the wood decked aircraft elevator.


Two MIGs with great colour schemes.

Close up of the elevator.


On the rear of the main deck was a large hangar containing various bits of spacecraft, including pride of place to the USS Enterprise. A big old bird.

And a rather smaller Soyuz capsule.

The forward anchor deck, also suitably immense.

A couple of views back down the starboard side from the AA gun pits back towards the Hudson.

A finally, someone had built this amazing Lego model of a WW2 era Intrepid with its decks fully loaded with aircraft.

That was just great, and like the USS Growler, recommended for anyone visiting New York.