Wednesday, 15 May 2013

PSC 15mm 76mm guns

More 15mm PSC stuff, this time some Soviet 76mm guns. They come four to a box and include an option to make up the 57mm AT version as well. I just  needed some artillery support from my 15mm Soviets so made up four standard 76mm guns.

Business end of the 76.
These are nice simple solid models and go togther very easily (unlike some other plastic artillery peices!). I was very glad these were released as I didn't fancy the horror of trying to stick together metal version of these.

The crew figures share some poses with the heavy weapons set but also include gunners with shells etc.

The guns are supplied with various odds and ends including ammo boxes, different patterns of wheels etc, all useful stuff for the spares box along with those redundant 57mm barrels which be useful for something I'm sure.

The models are finished in my usual russian scheme of Vallejo Russian Green over a black undercoat with a peat brown inkwash and a very light drybrush of Iraqi Sand.


  1. Great work on the 76mm. Just a query, is that a custom made base?

  2. No, artists mounting board cut to size, covered in undiluted PVA then dipped in builders sand with clumps of static grass applied. Edged with black marker pen. The little square is a piece of magnetic strip painted earth brown to allow for markers etc to be atached.