Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Partisan June 2013

I attended the Partisan wargames show near Newark last weekend as part of Wargames Developments Display Team (north) and we ran Ten Rounds Rapid at the show. It was the twentieth anniversary of WDDT(N) running games at shows, so I hope this one did it justice. It was a beautiful day and the show was well attended. We had been moved from out usual spot as the hall interior had been reorganised and I was a bit anxious we were going to roast in the new location, but in fact it was pleasantly cool despite the blazing sun outside.

We ran the game eight times, including with a number of people who had actively sought us out. We took it in turns to run it so there was also time to get around the show. I cleverly managed to forget my camera, so took a few blurry photos on my  phone. Apologies for the picture quality.

John runs a game of Ten Rounds Rapid. Tumbling Dice stall in the background.

The WDDT(N) display board.

Press of people in one of the outer halls.

RAF Wargames Club running a Sci-Fi game.


A huge Rapid Fire game set in France 1940.

German bombers.

One of the main halls.

George MacDonald Fraser inspired Bolt Action game in the Far East.

Wintery Napoleonics at odds with the weather outside!

The other main hall.

More winter scenery.

Lovely Kallistra hexon setup.


Large western desert game

The show was well attended but seemed less frenetic than Triples and it was nice to get a chance to chat to people and catch up with friends. My shopping was fairly minimal (stocked up on some steel paper) but I'm still sorting out all the stuff I bought at Triples. Nice to get back to Partisan after a break of a couple of years.

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