Sunday, 14 July 2013

COW 2013

I spent another excellent weekend at COW recently. WDDT(N) put on both Ten Rounds Rapid and a Fletcher Pratt naval game on the lawn but it was also an opportunity to play some other peoples games and catch up with friends. I also managed to shift a moderate amount of stuff on the Bring and Buy. I am sure the event will be more than adequately covered elsewhere and I didn't take a huge number of photos, but here a few.

Knuston Hall, bathed in sunshine.

Eager wargamers crowd around the session board.

John D Salt leads the British to a stunning victory in Ten Rounds Rapid.

Indian commanders plan their invasion of Goa.

The Portuguese are overwhelmed.

Prospective commanders assemble for the Fletcher Pratt lawn game.

Gibralter, Renown and three DDs in attendance.

Phil Barker contemplates suggestions for his new 1944 tactical wargames rules.

Funny Little Wars on the lawn. It was so hot that a shady spot around the flower beds was sought out.

Toms experimental Napoleonic battalion command game.

Jim Roche's excellent Saturday night sing song. The slide is the 1937 Fleet review, six miles of warships.

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