Thursday, 5 September 2013

Zvezda Opel Blitz

I picked up a few plastic kits at Triples this year including these Zvezda Opel Blitz trucks. I have never built any Zvezda models before and I was pleasantly surprised.

The three trucks together. Fairly simple to assemble although the wheels and chassis were a bit fiddly,  but nothing to worry about really.

Nice crisp detail on these, generally better than my Skytrex metal Opels.

The windscreen could be better defined, hopefully the sky blue paint job picks it out.

I built these with the tilts on, mainly for some colour contrast with the panzer grey bodies.

Nice little models and they'll be a useful supplement to my hodge podge of (mainly metal) German transport. I did them panzer grey so they'd be good for the whole war, evidently many softskins weren't repainted after 1943, so these guys are obviously veterans.


  1. Excellent work, I have five of these myself and I found them very fiddly but much better than any of the metal Opels which I also have.

  2. Thanks, compared to some plastic kits I've had the misfortune to encounter they weren't too bad. Harder than slapping four wheels onto a metal casting though.

  3. Very nice. I've been really impressed by Zvesda kits - whether their little 1/100 wargame stuff or their 1/72 display kits. It's amazing that they haven't been about long but have already whizzed past Airfix and the like for quality and are starting to knock on the door of Trumpeter.

    Great stuff!

  4. Yes, they are nice, just a shame about the tracks on the tanks.