Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Soviet BTR Regiment

We haven't seen my 2mm stuff for a bit, so here is a BTR Regiment. Like its other 2mm contemporaries, it lives in a custom storage tray in one of my A4 box files.

The assembled regiment, exactly 20 elements which fit neatly into the storage tray.

Three BTR battalions, each of three companies. I only need two stands per company for NBC, but I based up three so they can be used as Regiments on Megablitz type games. These are just the standard Irregular BTRs.

Tank Regiment and Artillery battalion. In this case the tanks are the generic T54/55/62 model as BTR regiments were generally supported by older tank types. The artillery is a pair of filed down  M109s standing in for SP 122s plus a battalion HQ. Most regiments would be lucky to have SP guns in 1981 so I also have some bases of towed artillery.

Towed arty battalion, these towed guns are available to substitute for the SPs, depending on scenario.

Regimental assets. Recce co (BRDM), AT Co (BRDM-S)), Engineer Co, AA Co (truck mounted) and Regt HQ. The BRDMs are carved/filed down Sdkfz 222s, not an easy conversion as the models are tiny.

The regiment configured as a Megablitz division. Div recce Bn, tank regiment, one BMP regiment, two BTR regiments, divisional assets (including divisional independant tank battalion) and divisional artillery group.

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