Saturday, 12 May 2018

Bush Horizon

Nick brought a new version of Bush Horizon along to try out. This covers bush wars in Africa, with a lot of the  mechanisms based on Command Horizon. The company sized elements are made up of bases of varying types (infantry, tanks, support weapons etc.).

This scenario was a standup fight for control of a railway station. Our chaps bore a distinct resemblance to a motor rifle battalion and set off in textbook formation.

Our objective.

As our chaps were riding APCs, and the enemy were walking, we unsurprisingly got there first. Our dismounted infantry occupied the station and started shooting at the other lot, with rather mixed results. (The big puff of smoke is a bad thing).

Our tank company went left flanking, while some enemy lurked in a nearby village.

Over on the other flank, the UN tried to intervene, and were engaged by our support company.

Once it became apparent that the enemy weren't go to take the station, we had a washup about the revised mechanisms and a useful discussion about some of the mechanisms and the scope and feel of the game.


  1. superb rail track in that scale. A few years ago when Command Horizon had just been bought from Baccus 6mm and was being re-launched, the company demo'd it at a few shows using Kallistra hexes.

  2. The rail track is from Leven Miniatures ,stuck in longer lengths on steel.

  3. Great looking game. I hope to see more of the rules.



  4. Commission Figurines are planning some 6mm railtrack in mdf, they had some samples at Cavalier and hopefully will have some at Broadside.

  5. Hey, these rules (from your AAR) look very, very exciting!Must learn more about them!