Sunday, 28 October 2018

Roco King Tiger

This old clunker has been knocking around in my spares box for years. I remember my pal Neil at school in the early 1970s had one painted panzer grey, and funnily enough this bring & buy acquisition was also painted dark grey.

I already have a few Tiger IIs, but they have Henschel turrets, so whenever poor old Lt Gorman needs to take on the Tiger IIs the 503rd outside Cagny in July 1944, I feel a faint thrill of revulsion at using the WRONG TANKS.

So, time for a Porsche turretted Tiger II. They look so much better than the Henschel ones. Would you buy a sports car from Henschel?

It is a fair old beast of a tank. All I did to it was take off the old wheels on the underside. It was caked in paint so I just added another few layers. Sadly the hatches were glued down, but at least the turret still turns.

It is modelled on a Tiger from the 503rd, with very heavy disruptive camo and very little dunkelgelb showing. It sports those nice crosses on the turret which make such excellent aiming marks, and some turret numbers. The gun is glued at a rather odd angle, perhaps it is shooting downhill.

The engine deck detail is beautifully done on these and takes a wash very well.

Along with the disruptive camo, I did the tracks and running gear mud coloured and finished the whole thing off with an inkwash and light drybrush of pale tan. Despite the layers of caked on paint, it took the wash and drybrush very well. I picked out the treads and tow cables in metallic steel.

I was briefly tempted to finish this as one of the Panzer Lehr Tiger IIs with their huge turret numbers, but their main role was to break down across France and be photographed with happy GIs standing next to them. At least the 503rd Tigers actually got to shoot stuff, even if some of them suffered the ignominy of supporting a Luftwaffe Field Division or getting rammed by Lt Gormans Sherman.

I can't imagine this will be hitting the table any time soon, so off it goes, straight into the box of 'stupid big German tanks', but it was fun to paint.

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  1. There is something very satisfying getting the old kit worked up to a standard that can take it to the table

    Well done