Saturday, 21 March 2015

Crushed Cataphracts

Tim brought along this C&C Ancients game. A historically dubious (ie based on one extract from an unsubstantiated text) outing along the Euphrates, but an excuse to pit Imperial Romans against Seleucid Cataphracts once more. This particular encounter supposedly took place near modern Ctesiphon, a popular place to fight in somewhat later wars too. I took the Seleucids and John the Romans.

A load of rubbish, levies, archers etc but backed up by the unit of might armoured camels!

Elephants and Cataphracts. Wooo.

Boring old Romans.

More of them in the distance.

My light cavalry attack a few Roman skirmishers.

Who somewhat unwisely stand and fight, for a few seconds at any rate.

Horse archers fall back before the Roman attack on the right.

Romans attack the centre.

Warband and levies drive them off again.

Sadly the Cataphract charge doesn't go too well, two units down.

We try again, this time with added elephants.

Pachyderm down. Oops.

The camelry move up to support the warband, ready for a mighty blow.

Cataphracts get stuck in to the Roman rear lines.

But come sadly unstuck. Those Romans are really tough!
Ah well, there you go. I don't seem to have much luck with cataphracts, although it probably wasn't a good idea to try out against Legionaries up a hill! The light troops did pretty well in this one, thanks to the terrain, I should probably have plugged away the archers a bit longer but the cards said 'move heavy troops', so.....

As always, another entertaining outing with C&C Ancients, for my money the best of the whole game series, although I'm looking forward to seeing what the new Kickstarert C&C WW1 game is like.

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