Tuesday, 3 March 2020

15mm 17pdr

My shopping list of 15mm artillery has included some 17pdrs for some while to add some later war firepower to my British formations. Since my fortunate aquisition of some M10s and Achilles, the need reduced somewhat, but I was pleased to come across a 17pdr at the last club Bring and Buy.

Here it is, a dangerous looking beastie. The real gun is enormous (the Cobbaton  Collection in Dorset has one), and I think the model captures the size well. I've no idea who the manufacturer is, it is made of metal and if I had to hazard a guess I'd say Battlefront.

It was painted already when I bought it, so I just dirtied it up with some drybrushing. I was pleased with how it picked out the detail on the tyres.I'm not sure about the bronze green colour, but I couldn't be bothered to redo it in khaki drab  green.

There weren't any crew figures with it, so I had a rummage in the spares box. The loader is a QRF gunner from the 5.5" gun and gunner is a Battlefront seated horse cart driver (!). Well he is wearing a side cap.... I wanted to have someone actually sat in the gunners seat. The ammo box is  from the PSC Russians 76mm gun set.

It is all based up on my usual builders sand+static grass base and ready to go hunting some Big German Cats. Funnily enough I might have a scenario lined up which features a 17pdr battery.