Thursday 18 December 2008

Getting started.

Well, I had to start somewhere.....

I haven't actually done a huge amount of wargaming recently, life has been too busy, although I have found time to keep up with my other hobbies of Airsoft and running. I've been wading through Patrick O'Briens epic Aubrey/Maturin ninteenth century naval series, fabulous stuff, but it took the film 'Master and Commander' to inspire me to keep up with it. Now I can actually picture the characters, it works much better for me. Jane Austen with guns.

I also recently managed to read Gudmussons 'On Infantry', a very thought provoking book even if his sections on WW2 Russia are suspiciously reliant the old suspects of Von Mellenthin et al. I have spent so much time looking at British tactics that I realised I didn't actually understand the German battalion level tactical system, how on earth do heavy infantry weapons provide a framework for battlefield manouvre? More thought is required, particularly in how to model this sort of thing in battalion level games.