Tuesday 6 March 2012

Colomby, August 1870

The battle of Colomby, fought using my 'Rifle and Kepi' rules, hexes are around a kilometre, stands are regiments and formations are divisions. The view is from the French side. I played the French and Tim Gow the wicked Prussians.

Historical Situation.

Following the defeat at Spicheren, the Army of the Rhine fell back before two German armies to Metz. Marshal Bazaine planned to pass his five Corps over the Moselle before he could be encircled. The German cavalry detected the French withdrawal and the leading elements of the pursuing VIIth and 1st Corps launched an immediate spoiling attack against the French rearguard.

Historically night fell before the Germans had time to seriously develop their attack and that was the case here. The scenario OBs, maps etc were largely taken from the Bruce Wiegles excellent '1870'.

French position facing east. Imperial Guard are in reserve under control of the Emperor. Dense vineyards clutter the landscape.

The initial Prussian assault wavers attacking the front right of the French position.

The Prussians flee in disorder despite the supporting bombardment.

Prussians attack again, this time from two different directions. French cavalry move up in support.

Prussian artillery hammers the hill as fighting rages.

The French defenders disintegrate leaving the hill empty.

Prussians move on to the next position behind an artillery barrage as the French cavalry counterattack.

The next French divison collpases and the cavalry are blown, but night falls as the Prussians bludeon their way to a phyrric victory.