Wednesday 9 April 2014

Battle of the Medway

Tim ran this game a while ago and reported it on his blog, a Command and Colours scenario covering the battle of the Medway during the Roman invasion of Britain. The campaign is the background for Simon Scarrows 'Eagle' series coveirng the exploits of Vespasians 2nd Legion and our heroes Macro and Cato in particular. John and I took the Romans (Vespasian and Geeta)/Batavians (Lepidus), and Mark and Kayte Caractacus and the unwashed British hordes.

Vespasians Legion waits to cross the Medway.

Over on the other flank Lepidus encourages the reluctant Batavians. All very blurry as they are a long way away.

The first British chariots rush forward,

And are driven off again.

The Roman line meanwhile solidifies. Don't you love those 'line movement' cards.

The Batavians form up to repel another assault.

Which comes on in the same old way.

It is all very bloody and unpleasant over here!

The surviving Batavians are left in some disorder, as are the remaining Britons.

Lepidus heroically leaps back into the fray.

But of course it is down to Vespasian to clinch the final victory. Ahem.
So there we go, another exciting game of CnC, and Vespasian, Macro and Cato seem to have survived to take part in various ridiculous adventures in the future (like meeting Boudicca in a bar, as you do).