Monday, 11 May 2009

A trip to Normandy

I ran my Rauray scenario at the club last week. We had a bit of a thin turnout but Jerry Ellsmore and John Armatys turned up, and we managed to play the game. I'd hastily revised RKKA Brigade Commander for the western front, so this was a bit of a tryout to see how it went. In the end it was fairly historical as IInd SS Panzer Corps beat itself to pieces against 70th Brigade (supported by the entire divisional artillery).
The battlefield from the southwest, Rauray is in the centre. KG Weidinger is the foreground, largely pinned down while the 9th SS Armoured KG is in the distance.

9th SS. One battalion has already taken heavy losses driving the British back and this one has fallen into confusion in front of the enemy, despite the Nebelwerfer fire providing support.
KG Weidinger largely stalled having been pinned down by artillery fire for most of the game (barrage markers can still be seen). The attached panzer IVs from 9th SS can be seen in the distance duelling with British shermans.

70th Brigade remains deployed around Rauray, the reserve battalion is completely intact, although one of the frontline battalions has taken heavy losses.

The game went OK, but I was left feeling dissatisfied with some of the mechanisms and dug out some of my other efforts to cover this theatre. I'll probably keep the card activation and hexes, but I need to redo the combat system so it is less attritional and more about fire and movement.

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