Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A chat in the bar

Didn't play any games at the club this week, but had a very useful discussion with John Armatys about my revisions to his 'Platoon Commanders War' to turn it into 'Platoon Commanders Counter Insurgency'. Key considerations being the very different approach to casualties in modern armies, modelling the extreme differences in tactical skill and some consideration of technical improvements in weaponry and communications technology.

Came up with some interesting ideas, John is particularly keen on modelling the morale effects of loud bangs. I need to do some more research, but we are probably in a position to try it out in a 1960s era counter insurgency fairly soon (maybe Aden as I've got SLR toting RM commandos), but obviously those QRF and Olg Glory modern Brits are crying out for a mission.

Maybe this will be my session for this years Conference of Wargamers.

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