Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Guns of August

Tim Gow put on a small session last week to try out Richard Brooks new Operational WW1 rules. Tim has already reported in some detail on the various games he has run with these, but I was pleased to get a chance to try them out. Suffice to say I was robbed, even if the Russian airforce did distinguish itself. The rules themselves look very promising, and in due course I'd like to try them out with my various WW1 armies.

Speaking of WW1, I finished painting and basing all the heavy artillery I bought at Triples and that is now safely stowed away. I was particualrly pleased with the 6" howitzers, they look very imposing pieces and I managed to get that sort of stained metallic look on the steel wheels by heavily drybrushing steel paint on the rims followed by a heavy brown ink wash.

I had promised to run a game this week at the club, and as I've been working on the next scenario for 6th Panzer Divs tour of the Baltic States, I finally sorted the terrain for that out yesterday. The toys are all sorted and I just need to finish typing up the briefings.

Next major painting job is all the 2mm WSS stuff I bought, but I haven't had time to make a start on that yet.

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