Sunday, 12 February 2012

Disaster in the snow

Tragic news from Vulgaria. As our forces returned from counter-terrorist operations in Forbodia, unseasonally heavy snowfalls seriously hampered the march. Logistics have always been a weak spot for the Vulgarians, and in the frozen wasteland the horses were unable to graze and supplies of fodder soon ran out, leaving the horses to starve in the snow.

Vulgarian officers on foot led the retreat through the frozen wastes.

Gunners manhandled the lighter pieces.

Limbers and heavy pieces were abandoned in the snow.

Jagers covered the withdrawal from positions in the snow.

Horses lay frozen in the snow.

Small groups of survivors stuggled on behind their standards.

It is to be hoped our forces make a safe and speedy return. At least the snow will impede Forbodian terrorists from crossing the border.

1 comment:

  1. By 'returning from operations' you of course mean 'fleeing in disorder' after the defeat of your unprovoked attack. Excellent photos!