Saturday, 30 March 2013

Been away for a while....

Once again I have dismally failed to keep the blog up to date, so time to try again. I have been a bit jaded and uninspired with wargaming for a while, just the same old same old, and most of my energy has gone into WW2 Airsoft which I have found to be inspiring and entertaining albeit hideously expensive (shh, don't tell my wife!). In recent months some of my enthusiasm for wargaming has returned, and I also re-discovered blogging through Twitter.

So, here we go again. I think I need to keep it fairly short and to the point. I have managed to overcome my lethargy and do a few wargaming things over the last year:

  • 'Ten Rounds Rapid'. The next WD Display Team (north) participation game. A 15mm WW1 game covering  the BEF in 1914, to be run in 2013, deliberately a year early for the centenary  avoid what will undoubtedly be a saturated market in 2014.
  •  2mm Cold War. I've always been interested in the Cold War, having lived through it, yet the mind numbing tedium of trying to identify thirteen different kinds of T-64 has always rather put me off. After the success of my 2mm WSS project (which again, I'd put off for decades in larger scales for smilar reasons), 2mm seemed to offer the solution for my Cold War conundrum as well.
  •  Command and Colours Empires. We seem to play a lot of CnC these days, and as I had grown weary of using Rifle & Kepi for  large scale late nineteenth century warfare, I had a go at doing a CnC variant for the wars of 1859, 1864, 1866 and 1870.
  •  15mm WW2 Russians. I swore I would never do the Eastern Front in 15mm as I have vast armies in 6mm, however never say never. Someone turned up at the club wth some Plastic Soldier Company WW2 Soviets, and I was converted. One or two slight shopping accidents later and I seemed to have quite a few 15mm Russians.
  •  Big boys toys. I have been doing a lot of WW2 Airsoft/re-enactment and my collections of  uniforms and associated toys continues to grow. I may manage a few pictures and reports occasionally.

I also seem to have taken up Fell Running as an alternative to road running. Well, there are plenty of big hills nearby and the weather has been bad enough to make it challenging...

So, plenty of stuff to talk about in a bit more detail, and maybe this time I'll stir myself to do it. People seem to like pictures in blogs, so here are a couple of tasters of my PSC Russians.

T34s, lovely little models which go together really easily. I particularly like the included crew figures.

PSC Russian infantry. A veritable horde!


  1. Actually a single box of Russian infantry is a Rifle Corps. You need a least six of them for a 'horde'.......

  2. Hi Martin,

    I would be really interested in seeing Command and Colours Empires - any news on the same at all?

    All the best,


  3. Hi David, yes I'll put some more info up about CnC Empires in a future post. Still being playtested really.


  4. Hi Martin,

    Many thanks old chap! Fezia and Rusland will appreciate the same.

    All the best,