Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Although some of these have been seen in game reports, here are a few 2mm BAOR units. These are the first batch I did. Some units (the infantry battalions) have extra 'bits' so they can be formed into different configurations. It was fairly rare for such units to actually have four infantry companies plus a support company, more generally it was four comapnies with the heavy weapons parcelled out or three companies plus a support company.

Type 74 Chieftan Regiment, four armoured squadrons, HQ, recce troop and guided weapons troop. The Scimitars and Scorpions are cut down Warriors. The FV438s (Swingfire) are lightly modified generic APCs with launcher units in top.

Mechanised Infantry Battalion, four mech companies, HQ, recce troop and support company with mortar battery and Milan troop.

Motorised battalion (TA?). Four infantry companies, recce troop, HQ, support company with milan and mortar batteries plus a battery of 105mm light guns. The infantry transports should probably be Saxons, but life was to short to figure out how to convert those from the Irregular offerings. These are also decent standins for Bundeswehr Jager battalions.

Configured as late a 1970s armoured division at Megablitz scale. Two armoured regiments, three mech infantry regiments plus div assets. Compared to other countries divisions, this is very weak, not much stronger than  bundeswehr panzer brigade, although each Type 74 armoured regiment has almost as many tanks as an entire Soviet tank regiment. 
The units above are enough to form a Task Force (late 70s equivalent of a brigade) and I've subsequently added more mech and tank battalions to allow for various TF permutations as well as an airmobile battalion.


  1. Those look really good. Nice job.

  2. Thank you, I think there is something to be said for multiple basing, although 2mm is about the only scale I can bear the expense for. I'm such a cheapskate!