Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Peter Pig Stug IIIG

A few more of my elderly collection of 15m Peter Pig stuff, this time the Stug IIIG.

These were very new castings when I  bought them, very crisp with lots of deep etched detail which takes a wash nicely. I got the versions with a lot of cast on stowage.

You can see how much crisper the track detail is on these than on the older Panzer IVJs.

The stowage looks really good too.

This one even has a bicycle strapped to back, just what you need when short of fuel.
Along with my PSC and Zvezda Stugs that means I have no less than nine 15mm Stugs! I hope that will be sufficient. These chaps have been out a fair bit, which was partly why I got the PSC ones as they have been so useful for all sorts of things. They are finished in standard dunkelgelb with brown/green disruptive, a dark brown inkwash and a light tan drybrush to pick out the highlights. Markings are very plain, just simple (Skytrex) balkan crosses.

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