Wednesday, 9 July 2014

BF Stalinets

More Triples purchases were this brace of BF Stalinets tractors, very useful for pulling guns and suchlike around. These are all-in-one resin models with moulded on bases and at two to a pack are not bad value at all. No assembly required, just a bit of cleaning up, what could be better! Unlike the SU-85s, I managed not to drop these and break any bits off.

The Stalinets clank across the dining table.

Diminutive little vehicles which look quite businesslike.

The panel lines etc show up very nicely.

Plenty of space in the back.
These couldn't have been easier to do, as usual finished in Vallejo 894 over a black base then a heavy drybrush of 894 lightened with ochre and a final drybrush of mud around the running gear and a final highlight of very pale tan. I did the windows as glazed because they stand out a bit more on the tabletop, even though many photos only show the two front panes as glass.

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