Wednesday, 2 July 2014

BF SU-85s

Along with the IS-IIs I picked up a couple of Battlefront SU-85s at Triples, also needed for a scenario I had in mind. These were fairly eye wateringly expensive in comparison to the PSC offerings,  but hunting around the stands at Triples I managed to find a couple for less than nine pounds apiece (!). I carefully checked the blisters before parting with my hard earned cash to make sure they actually had gun barrels and pairs of tracks rather than to sets of left hand ones or whatever and eventually found some which looked complete.

They went together as well as BF models normally do, although the general crudeness of the castings was very evident compared to the PSC offerings. In trying to get the metal tracks to stick to the resin hull, one of the hulls flew from my grasp and was retrieved from the floor minus most of its mudguards, which was a little annoying. Oh well, battle damage I guess..

They don't look to bad once assembled and painted. As ever, advancing across the dining table.

They look quite imposing from the front.

This is the damaged one, shows up the detail on the tracks very well though.

Side/rear view.
As I said above, the finished vehicles are OK. At some point I'll get some SU-76s,  but I'll wait for the PSC ones rather than struggling with more badly cast and overpriced BF models. I tried the new track painting technique on these as well as the IS-IIs and I think it looks OK so I shall presevere with it on some new projects. 

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