Sunday, 29 March 2015

PSC 15mm Sdkfz 251s

Well, this is a little annoying. I've been away for a couple of weeks and carefully set up a series of scheduled blog posts to keep everyone entertained, but did blogger actualy post them? No. Perhaps I misunderstood the schedule post function. Or maybe it doesn't work. Anyway, here is one you should have a while ago.
I seem to have acquired a box of 15mm PSC Sdkfz 251 halftracks at some point. I've got no recollection of buying them, but dimly recall I may have won them in some sort of competition? Anyway, they have been languishing for some time as I am fairly well provided with 15mm halftracks, but as I was doing the PSC Panzer IVs I thought I may as well do these too.

As usual they were nice easy models to put together, single piece tracks (hooray) and supplied with an absolute ton of stowage items, spare weapons, crew figures, passengers and all sorts of goodies. The only fiddly bits were the vehicle mounted MGs which are so spindly I can't see them lasting too long. I made these up as standard vehicles, I could have converted a couple to platoon leaders vehicles but in the end I didn't bother.

Three of them done in late war colour schemes.

And two in panzergrau, for those rare early war appearances.

Left rear view, the spindly front MG is pretty clear.

Line up time, L to R, PSC, Battlefront, SDD and Skytrex.  
As you can see from the last photo, the PSC models match well with other makers. I'll probably paint up some more of of the passengers to go in my other halftracks, and the plethora of spare storage has gone into my spares box.. I think I've got enough jerrycans to supply the entire Wehrmacht now.

I did three of the vehicles in late war three colour camo, similar pattern to my other ones to fit in (based on photos of SS Wiking 251 s) but did two in panzer grey for the odd occasions we have outings to pre 1943 in 15mm. I left them very, very plain. I'm sick of trying to put on the useless Command Decision number decals, and unfortunately I seem to have a bad batch of fuzzy balkan crosses. Something to buy at Triples.

Apart from a couple of markings, otherwise I just plastered them in mud and dust as usual.

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