Tuesday 26 May 2015

River Sambre

Another outing for Command and Colours, this time a trip to sunny France, or Gaul as it was called in those days. Julius Caesar has got in a spot of bother near the River Sambre when hordes of angry Gauls attacked the isolated 10th Legion as the rest of his army hurried up. Tims 28mm toys, myself and Mark took the Romans, Jophn and Kayte the Gauls.

Roman light infantry survey the Gallic hordes.

The Roman right wing in some disarray.

JC himself with the 10th Legion stands next to the mighty ballista.

The Roman left, cavalry in evidence.

Gauls lurk among the trees and hills on the far side.

An initial exchange of missile fire results in some Roman losses.
The Gauls try and cross the river as more Legionaris move up.

The Roman centre and right form up into a huge long line.

As do the left.

The Gallic cavalry are repulsed on the left.

The Romans follow up on the left and a huge battle erupts.

The Romans gain the upper hand despite one unit being pushed back.

The Roman line rolls forwards on another 'line command' card and JC personally leads the 10th to victory. Four hits in a single attack is hard to argue with.
Once more history is repeated, although the game was somewhat closer than it first appeared. Both sides were faced with the difficulties of attacking across a river, but the Romans were rewarded for spending several turns forming up into one huge line which maximised the number of elements engaged when they played their second 'line command' card.


  1. Excellent looking game.
    Out of curiosity, how long did it take?

  2. Command and Colours is usually pretty quick, say an hour or so excluding setup time? You are usually only activating a few units a turn. We've had games of Memoir 44 which took longer to set up than to play!