Friday, 21 August 2015

One Hour Wargames variants

I am quite a fan of Neil Thomas's rules, in particular his One Hour Wargames, which include not only sets of rules covering everything from Ancients to moderns, but also 30 scenarios, and army generator etc. The rules are so simple it is easy enough to tweak them and bolt bits on, although one much be careful not to completely obliterate the original mechanisms.

I've put a few variants up on the AMNW yahoo group, but following Bobs kind remarks about the WW2 version his blog One Hour WW2 AAR I've put the WW2 variant up here too on the downloads page.

Direct link here One Hour WW2 rules (hex) it is a good idea to have the rulebook too so you've got the scenarios etc.

I've also added the WW2 naval rules referenced in my COW report (look for Mini-Jutland) report, again direct link here:  One Hour WW2 Naval


  1. Martin, thanks for the WWI Naval variant. I have a number of ship models waiting for something just like this! I'm a big fan of One Hour Wargames myself, running a Great Northern War campaign with them at the moment.

  2. They really seem to be gathering a proper following. The 19th century book in particular is very good.

  3. Thanks Natholeon, I'd hardly claim they are the ultimate naval simulation, but they are fast and decisive.

  4. Yes Conrad, they do seem to be popular. I relaly liek the nineteenth century set, but I'm actually just painting up a load of 2mm pike blocks to use with the Pike and Shot set (I'm going to cheat and use my WSS regiments as musketeers:)