Friday, 11 March 2016

Cursus Honorum

With Triples rapidly looming, it was time for a run through of this years WD Display Team (north) participation game. We'd playtested this a couple of times before but this was the first outing of the final version with a full complement of players.

Cursus Honorum is a game covering political careers in Republican Rome. John covered a similar theme in a more RPG type approach at COW, but this aims to present the same core historical challenges in more of a public participation type game.

A bunch of very untrustworthy looking future Senators assembled.

Senator Black (well, I hadn't made Senator quite yet). Game control card to track wealth, authority, dignity and rank.

John had fashioned this rather magnificent wreath, very fitting in his role as 'the gods of Rome'.

The politicians vie for position. Our first Consul, a Praetor and a couple of Aediles in view with a lonely Quaestor in the distance. That dodgy looking chap in red sneaking up the inside is one J. Caesar . I am sure he'll come to nothing.

The run through went well and we managed a full game with six players in 35 minutes, which was pretty much what we'd been aiming for. Sadly Aedile Black never made it to be Consul and retired to his estate, but Consul Yellow walked away with wealth and honours heaped upon him and that nasty Caeser turned up and spoiled the party.

The game will be run in public for the first time at Triples on the 19th and 20th of March at the Institute of Sport in Sheffield, and I hope all my loyal readers can come along and enjoy it in person.


  1. It's a rum do this politics business.

  2. I'll look forward to giving it a go at Triples next weekend.



  3. I'll look forward to seeing you.