Saturday, 21 May 2016

BF Jeeps

One bargain I picked up at Triples this year was a pack of Jeeps on the bring and buy. You can never have too many jeeps, and at a fiver for three they were actually pretty reasonable compared to the usual BF price. 

The finished article motors across the dining table. They were marketed as recce jeeps and came with piles of extra machineguns etc but I did them fairly plain so I could use them for a range of things.

They are made of the usual BF resin, No fiddly metal bits to stick on apart from the crew (and MGs if desired). Eagle eyed readers will notice that the crew look like Americans. I haven't painted any Americans bigger than 6mm since 1974, so this is also a bit of a preview of a bigger project.

Left rear view, lots of nice moulded on storage.

Another empty jeep, this one with even more stowage in it.

So, nice easy models with a variety of uses, and in a pack of three, decent value even at full price. I did them just plain OD, or rather sort of.... I have a real problem with Vallejo paint, lovely quality paint but the colours never dry the colour they come out of the pot, unlike Humbrol, so you end up having to experiment to get the right effect. In the end I did this in 'Russian Uniform' (which is unlike any real Russian uniform I've ever seen, apart from heavy wool post-war ones) with a wash of 'Bronze Green' (which does at least bear a passing resemblance to to Bronze Green) and then muddied the whole thing up a bit. Anyway, they look alright from a distance and they'll do for US, British and Russian usage.


  1. They look great- Russian uniform is a great colour, useful for everything but Russians imo.



  2. Good work. I would recommend having a look at the Battlefront site. They have a couple of painting tutorials, which will include Vallejo numbers for paints.

  3. Thanks Pete, yes I've found Russian Uniform to be good for all sorts of things, but certainly not Russians!

  4. Beautiful jeeps, well done!