Saturday, 25 June 2016


Tim arranged another outing to the Ancient world recently,  much to everyones surprise (well, mine anyway) we turned up at some place called 'Troy'. The Trojans had come out for a  bit of a scrap towards the end of the siege, and all our favourite characters were there - Paris, Hector, Achilles, Agamemnon etc. There were a couple of special rules covering the heroes, but otherwise it was standard CnC Ancients.

I got the play with the heroic Greeks, while the wicked Trojans skulked around their city walls. 

The game was played with Tims 25mm toys on hexon terrain.

View from the Greek side (with the sea at their backs, no retreating from here!). Achilles on the right, Agamemnon in the centre and Meneleaus on the left. Paris is over on the Trojan left while Hector lurks in the city.

The action primarily took place on the right. Here Agamemnon has a go at Paris (who ended up running away like a big girl).

Over on the left, Meneleaus tore the Trojans apart.

But in the end it came to the ultimate grudge match, Achilles (no longer sulking) slugging it out with the wimp Paris. The pile of crosses tells its own story as Paris was duly vanquished and victory went to the Greeks. 

This was brilliant fun, even though it was possibly slightly less historically accurate than the more dour recreations of say, Trebia. I couldn't help thinking about the relatively recent film with Brian Cox (plus ludicrous beard) as Agamemnon, Brad Pitts even more ridiculous impression of Achilles with his ninja sword fighter moves and Orlando Bloom utterly miscast as Paris. Go for it Brad.


  1. Cracking stuff - I didn't think CCA would be suitable for that sort of carry on.

  2. Yes, it went surprisingly well.