Saturday, 24 September 2016

Zvezda T26

Another purchase at Triples 2016 were some Zvezda T-26s. I already have some Peter Pig ones, but I wanted some additonal ones so I can do a 1941 Tank Brigade.

I got four of them as you can never have to many T-26s.

A very simple little model which goes together quickly and easily, but with nice sharp detail especially around the running gear.

The sharp edges get picked up nicely by the dry brushing.

I was a bit concerned that they might be a different size to my Peter Pig ones (the PP Panzer IIIs are hugely bigger than my Zvezda ones), but in fact the hull sizes are identical. I should have taken a side by side photo shouldn't I! The PP ones have a different shaped turret so these make a nice contrast.

I just did these in plain Russian Green (Vallejo 894 lightened with a big dollop of ochre as it so dark), mud around the running gear and very light overall drybrush of Iraqi Sand.


  1. Not too shabby squire. Zvesda do wonderful stuff - I wish they made them in 1.72.

  2. Well, they do some stuff in 1:72nd (artillery mostly). The 15mm stuff just can't be beaten for price, they are cheaper in cash terms (let alone real terms) than the 15mm stuff I used by 20 years ago