Monday, 3 July 2017

Partisan 2017

We went along to Partisan recently under the auspices of Wargames Developments to run 'A Platoon Commanders War' converted to hexes. As ever, it was a great show with lots of eye candy, and we had a decent number of players for our game too, getting through several runs and well over twenty players. By and large I shall let the eye candy speak for itself.

These two were from the rather magnificant Too Fat Lardies 'Cambrai' game.

I was also very taken with these RJW pre-dreadnoughts.

These two are Copredy Bridge.

And a rather lovely rendering of Bunker Hill.

Another Cambrai game, this time put on by Kallistra. I was so impressed I picked up a copy of the rules.

Ah, and here is the real action. The players deep in thought as the try to figure out how to get their platoon over all that horrible open ground. This version of Platoon Commanders War is true 1:1 scale, with one figure per man, but also a 1:300th ground scale, so 12" is 100 yards (or rather, each hex is around 33 yards). Played with 6mm troops, this demonstrates just how empty the modern battlefield is.

Looks like the best way to biff the Hun is left flanking and bags of smoke. I'm sure that will do the trick.

A very satisfactory day out as ever, and I may have had a slight shopping accident (well with Zvezda kits at £12 for four, it would have been rude not to buy any). If anyone is interested in playing Platoon Commanders War on hexes, it will be appearing at the Conference of Wargamers, The Joy of Six and Partisan II later this year.

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