Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Bunker Hill

Tim was keen to try out a new Command & Colours variant he'd bought which covered the AiW. He revamped a load of 2mm stuff to replicate the mix of blocks in the game. In general there were four strips per unit, colour coded by quality and nationality. 

I got to play His Majesty's forces, while Jerry and Tim C got the wicked rebels, and we all rolled up at some place called 'Bunker Hill' outside Boston.

View from the British side. That big fortifed hill doesn't look very promising!

I guess this is the sprawling metropolis of Boston awash with damp tea.

Johnny Reb dug in on Bunker Hill.

Somewhat unfairly, I decided that the right flank looked more promising, and the redcoats rolled forwards supported by artillery.

The rebels were pushed back from the stone walls by withering musketry.

Which allowed the Briitsh centre to close en masse. Scary!

The rebels were soon routed by the British Grenadiers and the entrenchments taken.

We set off in pursuit whilst masking Bunker Hill.

And soon put the withdrawing rebels to panic stricken flight.

At which point Bunker Hull was pinned from the front and thoroughly outflanked so the surviving rebels slunk away to fight another day. Hurrah!

The game system worked pretty well and some interesting innovations to the standard CnC mechanisms.  It was all fairly unbloody, with morale failures being a more common combat result so units flowed back and forth across the battlefield in a pleasing manner. I can't recall what the variant was called, but Tim picked it up via Kickstarter.


  1. Nice to see the Hexon on the table. Does the ‘unbloody’ nature make these scenarios a bit more objective capture based rather than casualty based (capturing flags)?

    1. No, it is still flag based, but units are more commonly lost due to routing than attritional obliteration.

  2. Actually the town would probably be Charlestown, which was on the rebel's right flank. The British burnt the town to drive out any possible sniping from the town (Bunker Hill occurred after the bloody retreat from Lexington and Concord, where the British were sniped at from houses along the route.)

    1. Ah, ok. I thought it maybe wasn't Boston, but we played this a while ago so I couldn't remember.