Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Airfix Conversions, Sdkfz 7 37mm AA

This was another conversion on the Airfix Sdkfz 7 chassis. A bit more ambitious this time as I did the 37mm version with armoured cab.

The finished article.

It all looks a bit wobbly from the front and cutting out the vision ports in the front plate was a real pain.

It looks OK from the side though. The wood finish rear deck surround is just scored plasticard.

The 37mm was converted from the gun in the Airfix Sdkfz 2341/234 armoured car. A bit of a waste perhaps!

This model is currently serving as the Flak battalion in 26th Panzer Division.

I recall at the time when I made this being quite pleased with it as it involved some fairly extensive hacking around. I am not sure what happened to the rest of the German armoured car, although one of the crew is currently serving as the commander of a Panzer IV and the other two seem to be manning a scratch built Ostwind turret.

It was repainted several years ago when I was assembling the components of 26th Panzer Div for Megablitz. Usual dunkelgelb and camo over a black base, and in this case a dark brown inkwash and a light tan overall drybrush.


  1. Nice - I do like these older conversions.

  2. Thank you. They were mini modelling projects in their own right, I am glad I have found a use for them forty years later. It kept me off the streets I suppose.

  3. Like Tim I like these as it captures the essence and creativeness of our hobby
    Well done