Thursday, 19 September 2013

Zvezda Stug IIID

More Triples purchases, a pair of Zvezda Stug IIIds. Well you have to have two don't you?

The pair of them in their grey splendour. Very easy to assemble.

These are absolutely beautiful, the detail on the track gaurds is amazing. Unfortunately this picture is a bit blurry but you can see the detail in the others. Make my 15mm metal Panzer IIIs look like big blobs.

The rather undetailed tracks aren't at all obvious. Looks like I missed a bit of flash on the gun, oh well.

The engine deck, grill work and various raised edges and bits all take a drybrush nicely.

These chaps will be joining my early war 15mm German armour which to date is entirely made of metal and incredibly heavy, so something which weighs next to nothing will be a welcome change.

They are done in faded panzer grey over a black base, heavy mud drybrush around the  running gear and lower areas and a very light tan drybrush to pick out the highlights with 'dust'. Tracks are my usual dark inwash over a red brown base and highlighted with dull metal.

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