Wednesday 8 January 2014

BF Grille

15mm toys again, this time the Battlefront Grille. Yet another SP gun on a Pz 38(t) chassis and also quite a useful bit of kit for supporting panzergrenadier battalions as late war PG regiments typically had a battery of these (of their equivalents) replacing the towed infantry gun battery. The model was the usual BF mix of resin chassis and metal accessories. There weren't many parts and it went together quite easily. The biggest problem I had was fitting the crew figures in, which was a  bit odd considering that there are only two of them and the fighting compartment is huge. I ended up with one of them looking over the side when he should probably have been crouched over the gun, but perhaps I didn't line something up properly.

An open topped armoured box on tracks with a huge great howitzer in it. What more could you want?

The BF vertical scale distortion is less evident in this model.

It has quite a business like side profile. The relative roughness of the track castings compared to e.g. PSCs plastic offerings is fairly evident here.

As usual BF supplied crew figures, very useful with such a huge fighting compartment.
This particular model has seen a fair amount of tabletop action in various Normandy actions in particular (at one point SS Hohenstaufen deployed a converged company of 12 of these things to support its remaining Grenadiers). It just finished in basic dunkelgelb and a bit of green/brown splinter, then inkwashed and drybrushed. The standing figure has Italian pattern camo and the seated gunner probably has the wrong colour cap, but perhaps he blagged it from one of his mates in a panzer regiment. Or something.

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