Wednesday, 15 January 2014

BF Sdkfz 250/9

I 'needed' some of these for the Skirmish Campaigns 'Operation Epsom' book, but they are fairly common vehicle later in the war comprising a full company in panzer and panzergrenadier division recce battalions. They were often (mis)used as light tanks to provide armoured support as well, so make an interesting option for an infantry support vehicle.

These are one of the better offerings from BF, really neat and crisp castings which went to together very easily. The usual resin body with metal accessories.

The finished article.

Well proportioned from the front.

The crispness of the casting is evident from the side.

The finished model sits very well. It is very small, the base is 30mm wide.
A lovely little kit and highly recommended. Finished in my usual dunkelgelb with brown/green disruptive with an ink wash and a light drybrush of pale tan to pick out the highlights.

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