Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Peter Pig Pz IV J

These are rather elderly now, but here are a  trio of Peter Pig Pz IV Js which must be around 12 years old. I got them for my '15mm stuff in Normandy' project.

The three of them look quite smart, I didn't bother with the side skirts and the turret armour is moulded on.

The deeply etched panel lines take wash nicely although I think some of these have been picked out with a micron pen.

It sits quite nicely from the side. The track mouldings are relatively crude, a failing with a lot of 15mm metal models, and they have four return rollers rather than the Js three. I suspect I've been spolit by the modern plastics.

The engine deck grills also highlight well. The late pattern exhausts clearly visible. 

A very serviceable bunch of models which have seen a lot of action in various theatres. They are very easy to put together with few parts, and the main thng I notice these days is how heavy they are as they are very solid pieces of metal. The balkan crosses are Skytrex ones and the general dunkelgelb/brown/scheme is based on photographs. I didn't do a very good job on the road wheels but I really couldn't be bothered to paint little rubber tyres on them all, I should probably have muddied them up instead however many of the Js had steel rimmed wheels so that is clearly what they are!

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