Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Another purchase in recent months to supplement my 15mm Russians were some PSC T70s. I already had some Skytrex ones, but the PSC ones are such good value (five to a box) I had to have some more. Beautiful little models, with very few parts but nice crisp castings. Like the T34s, they also come with commander figures.

Three of them trying to look scary.

Looking a bit tiddly in the distance.

Beautiful detail on the air vents, exhaust system and tracks.

Nice and angular from the front, including the mysterious angle pipe bendy thing. Some internet speculation has it that this is a starting handle.

And very solid from the right rear. Hard edges pick up the drybrushing nicely.

Side by side with the Skytrex T70 (left). Not a bad match from this angle.

Height and turret size difference is very obvious here though. The Skytrex ones are the older 1/106th '15mm' scale.
They look alright from a distance though. The engine and wheels on the Skytrex one are of a different version and in line with photographs of real ones. The Skytrex turret appears rather squashed though.
If starting from scratch, I'd go with the PSC models all the way, but in fact I just needed three to supplement the Skytrex ones so I sold the two spare sprues.

The models are finished in Vallejo Sov Green 894, then heavily drybrushed with more 894 lightened with some ochre and finally a light drybrush of Iraqi sand.

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