Sunday, 23 April 2017

Cobbaton Collection

I recently went on holiday to North Devon, and while we were there I spent some time at the Cobbaton Collection, a few miles south of Barnstaple. It is a private collection of militaria and military vehicles, many of which still work, and have appeared in various films and TV series. The owners are still restoring various vehicles, and as I was last there over then years ago, I was keen to see what have changed. 

Lying around outside are various bits of tanks, including this rather grand Churchill AVRE turret.

And an even grander Churchill Mk I turret. I never cease to be surprised by how crude cast turrets are.

There was also this sheeted up Sdkfz 251D. iirc it was in Band of Brothers.

A rather random pile of small arms which includes a rather mysterious semi automatic rifle at the bottom. It looks vaguely familiar but I can't place it.

A nice Daimler armoured car.

A pile of British small arms including a lovely Lanchester and a Boys ATR. The Boys is huge.


A tiny Dingo.

A beautiful presentation of a Vickers (standing on a pile of Vickers chests).

This massive SCammel was towing a trailer with a Universal Carrier on it.

25 pdr.

And Quad.

German 20mm AA (Sovet 152m howitzer behind).

Churchill Crocodile.

The driver and co-drivers compartment.

The inevitable T34/85. This one is Czech and has been in a few TV shows.

A rather lvoely Sexton, not sure about the Mickey Mouse camo on an SPG, but who am I to argue.

White Scout Car.

Bofors SPAA>

Various Russian small arms including PTRS and PTRD ATRs, which make the Boys look positively small.

One of my favourite pieces, a Centurian AVRE. This one fought in the Gulf War in 1991, not bad for a WW2 era tank.

Fire tender.

An enormous (Thorneycroft?) command bus.

17pdr ATG. This is a very big gun.

The 17pdr Quad tow.

3.7" AA. My grandfather served in a 3.7" Regiment in WW2. They were sent to Java in early 1942 and used as coastal artillery, which didn't work out terribly well.

Bofors on a conventional mount.

Cromwell turret.

Rear view of the Sdkfz 251D.

And the distance in the fenced off boneyard, another Daimler, and a rather sad looking Comet.

The collection isn't huge, but I'd recommend a visit if you are in the area. They also have a collection of militaria for sale, including de-activated weapons, but the range was far smaller than when I last went. 


  1. Good find! I have recommended it to friends who are in Devon this week.

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