Sunday, 13 December 2020

Sudan Colonial part 2. Egyptians

After the boring old Khaki Brits, it is time for everyones favourite colonial army, the colourful Egyptians.

Here are a couple of battalions in summer uniforms. These are mainly Peter Pig figures. I really like those white uniforms with red fez, they look fabulous.

These chaps have a flag bearer. As far as possible I've tried to base up the units with figure in identical (or at least similar) poses for that 'toy soldier' look

And these ones have an officer in sun hat and blue trousers.

They also have some disorderly cavalry.

Here they are lined up a bit more neatly. These are Essex figures, also in fez and glorious white jackets.

A couple of battalions of Sudanese. These are also Essex figures and lovely sculpts, very slim and elegant.

I spent a fair bit of time thinking about the uniforms for these, so they are a bit of mish mash for early and late period. They are wearing a mix of winter and summer uniform items for the early period, while for the later period their blue jackets can stand in for blue pullovers although strictly they should have khaki trousers by now. Whatever.

A couple of command stands for the Sudanese. One with an Egyptian officer, the other with a European in a sun helmet.

The Egyptians also got an old Krupps cannon. Peter Pig (as are the gunners).

Some formation command stands, one Egyptian, the other with a British officer (Hicks Pasha perhaps).


  1. Colourful indeed and beautifully rendered Martin. The red fez sets off both the white and blue coats really well.
    Regards, James

    1. Thanks, you can't beat a fez. Zoauves are popular for a similar reason.

  2. These look smashing! Big thumbs up.