Wednesday 17 April 2013

Memoir of Modern Battle

This game was played at SWC in Feb 2012 and was a tryout of Bob Cordey's 'Memoir of Modern Battle' rules. We used the Memoir '44 Jarama scenario from the Memoir 44 site. The real battle was a multi division engagement which went on for weeks, so this scenario is heavily bathtubbed! . The pictures are fairly lousy as I took them on my phone.

The combat system is reminiscent of Memoir 44, but unlike the original, all the units activate every turn, which made the whole thing fairly bloody. The toys are all from my 15mm SCW collection, mainly Peter Pig. Overall we are still working on Memoir 44 and its derivates to make something which feels a big more like WW2 as the current system is pretty abstract and not as well developed as the more modern Command and Colours games. Although there are numerous commercial add-ons for M44, they mainly seem to add more chrome and complexity without contributing much to period feel. Still a work in progress, but worth the effort I think as these games alway look good, don't take up much space and are just 'easier' somehow than the more traditonal ruler based things. Bobs MoMB is certainly worth a look as he has done a lot of work on it and it is available from his blog/website.

Republican positions on the left flank looking across the Jarama, Nationalists dimly visible in the distance. The unit with the flag in the foreground is one of the International Brigade units.

Republican right flank, more International Brigaders in the foreground, road to Madrid running off the table. Assault guards are visible on the far right.

Foreign Legion and Morrocans rush the bridge on the left, inflicting heavy casualties and pusing the defenders out of the village.

They also crash through the centre, supported by tanks.

Republican tanks occupy Telegraph Hill while the Nationalists wonder if it safe to cross the river.

Cavalry, infantry and tanks rush the railway bridge on the right (where the river was forced historically by a coup de main).

Nationalist cavalry batter the Assault Guards

The second unit of Assault Guards, suported by T26s pushes Nationalists back over the river.

The front stablises along the river on the left, with heavy losses to both sides. The Republican tanks in their hilltop positions are unassailable though.


  1. Hi Martin,

    Bob has cranked out various versions of this set and the later version makes use of the combat dice to determine what units can be activated rather than command cards or everything.

    It is great fun I have used it with my block armies.

    All the best,


  2. Thanks Dave, I'll have alook at some of the newer versions.