Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Soviet sartorial elegance

I was rather pleased to (finally) acquire a budget Soviet M35 gymnasterka to add to my WW2 Soviet impression. M35s are generally available from US and Russian repro uniform suppliers, but at a somewhat steep price. I was just browsing eBay and noticed that my favourite budget supplier, HIKI based in Hong Kong, had some M35s available. I was a bit surprised as he's been running his WW2 Russian stocks down in recent years, but it turned up promptly as usual and at half the price of its rivals. The jacket itself came without insignia, so I ordered a job lot of M35, M40 and M41 (subdued) collar tabs plus rifle troops enamel badges from Trident Military in the USA.

It has been to a couple of events now, most recently our attempt to recreate 'Pavlovs House' in Stalingrad by creeping around a derelict department store in the middle of Manchester:)

M35 Gymasterka in summer weight cotton. This has a drop collar and breast pockets unlike the later M43 and is useful for the entire war.

The highly impractical raspberry collar tabs with rifle troops badges. Who needs camouflage.

Jacket is fastened with hidden buttons and a collar loop unlike the exposed buttons of the M43.

There was a slight mix up with my Trident order, so they very kindly sent me medals for the Defence of Leningrad and Defence of Moscow gratis. That will look good at the victory parade!

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  1. I think your fascination with Red Army kit definitely marks you out as a closet commie !