Friday, 21 June 2013

Grossenfartz (Part 2)

We last left the action with the Lancers about to overrun the Anglophibian heavy artillery and the surprise appearance of the Vulgarian steam train.

The train roars past the infantry at top speed, unfortunately runnng over a few individuals who strayed too close to the track. Vulgarian infantry brigade HQs follow the assault waves closely.

The enemy artillery knocks out the lead wagon of the train, scattering the occupants across the tracks.

The Lancers meanwhile make short work of the gunners, only to be faced with a Anglophibian motorised infantry debussing.

The train crashes through the enemy trenches as the survivors from the lead wagon assault the gun in desperate hand-hand combat. The train is going at top speed at this point and needs to start thinking about slowing down.

The Lancers charge the motorised infantry.

The battle for the gun rages, both sides down to one figure each...

The Lancers suffer badly at the hands of the infantry.

Despite the gaps torn in their formation by enemy fire, the leading waves of Vulgarians reach the trench.

The divisional commander and staff move on (rather blurrily)

View from behind the Anglophobian trench line.

The fighting for the trench was vicious with heaps of casualties on both sides, but for every Vulgarian who fell, another stepped up to fill his place from the following waves.

And there we leave it with the Lancers bloodied, the train steaming at full pelt for the buffers at the end of the line and fighting for the first trench in progress. Another instalment soon to come!


  1. The masses of Vulgarian infantry look very impressive indeed! :)

  2. Thanks Stephen. It was the only tactical solution I could think of to attacking stationary infantry. In our previous games the attackers have generally been shot to pieces on the approach march, but 4:1 odds seem to work OK!

  3. Excellent stuff. I like the bludgeoning tactics, they require very little thought. It's a good looking game, very colourful, but I would have left casualties on the table as they mounted up it seems to fit the game's era and style.

  4. We have tried leaving the casualties on but they just get in the way on a small table and can act as a somewhat unrealistic bulwark against artillery fire!

    The tactics may be unsubtle, but some thought went into the deployment and scheme of operations.