Saturday, 1 June 2013

20mm First World War Germans (Part 1)

I have done the odd post previously featuring my 20mm WW1 collection, so I thought it was time to meet the troops. Firstly mainly German infantry types of various kinds. The figures are all plastic, a mixture of Revell, Emhar and HaT.

Stormtroops advance supported by regular infantry and some heavy weapons.

HaT flamethrower team.

Emhar stormtrooper in gas mask, greatcoat and ammo bandoleers plus another flamethrower.

HaT granatenwerfers.

Revell and Emhar late war Germans.

The figures are all undercoated black and heavily drybrushed in a greyish field grey and highlighted in a very light drybrush of pure white. Some have a brown inkwash, some don't apart from weapons and flesh. They are all based on 30mm x 30m bases (my default for twentieth century figures) and have a mix of types such that they can be used for anything from 1 base = 1 section type games up to 1 base = 1 battalion. I generally use them for grand tactical or operational games, and although they are a bit big they work OK for OP14 on Kallistra hexes  (I usually just use two bases per brigade instead of four).


  1. Thank you. They are a bit rough and ready close up but look OK on the tabletop, like a lot of my paintwork!

    1. I always rely on the two foot detail rule. If it looks grand from two feet away, it'll look grand on the table top!