Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Grossenfartz (Part 3)

I bring you the concluding part of the struggle from the Vulgrian pov. The Anglophobians have been admirably catered for over on Tims blog. As you recall, we left things with the Vulgrian  left wing locked in battle with the enemy trenches.

The Vulgarian CO looks on somewhat blankly. He might be dim but he has a big moustache,

Anglophobian reserves and armoured train form up as the Vulgarian train approaches the buffers.

Over on the right, the Anglophobians unwisely leave their trenches just as the Vulgarian heavy cavalry and reserve infantry battalion put in an appearance. I discovered that firing at a thin line of infantry with matchsticks is really hard, even at point blank range!

Heavy cavalry advance.

The struggle for the trench finally ends with the Vulgarians victorious. The intention had been to shoot this attack in with the guns, but they were masked by the train. Ooops...

The victorious Vulgarians push on to the next line of resistance. The advanatage of their deep formation becomes apparent.

The cavalry charge the Anglophobian infantry who are already weakened by artillery fire.

And wipe them out....

Enemy artillery tears huge gaps in the Vulgarian formation but they press on.

Vulgarians leap from the train and surprise the enemy HQ!

The surviving Vulgarians close with the Anglophobian reserves.

Over on the right the cavalry approach the brewery.

To everyones astonishment, the HQ drives off its assailants.

Sadly things don't go quite so well for the Anglos in the centre and Vulgarian infantry overrun their opponents.
At this point all three Anglophobian battalions had been destroyed and they had lost two guns, so the Anglophobians decided to pack up and head for home.

An interesting and enjoyable battle, I was particularly pleased with the success of the 'wave attack', perhaps those C19 drill manual writers knew what they were talking about. Another interesting feature was the effectiveness of a single rank open order line against artillery fire, I blazed away at the right hand Anglo battalion for several turns and only managed to hit a couple of figures. In contrast, once the armoured train got the range it blew huge holes in the deep Vulgarian waves. A realistic effect from the simple mechanism of actually firing projectiles.

Despite being compoletely set up for it, both sides managed to avoid blowing up the brewery, which was a bonus.

Righto, time to pursue the Anglophobians back to their ships I think. Lets hope there aren't any nasty surprises on the way....


  1. Hooray for the Vulgarians! I hope a goodly amount of sausage was eaten and beer drunk!

  2. Not too much sausage, we've got Anglophobians ot chase.