Wednesday 29 May 2013

Soviet Tank Regiment

Some of my 2mm stuff was (rather blurrily) seen in action in the recent hypothetical battle north of Wolfsburg. Apart from 2mm being a decent scale to avoid my almost boundless ignorance of post WW2 equipment and organisations, it is also cheap and easy to store! There is a method to the madness however, and my stuff is organised and based to be reasonably flexible.

The primary game system I've aimed at is Tim Gows 'NATO Brigade Commander', which uses company sized bases and is aimed at roughly rgimental sized actions. However I also got enough extras to be able to do lower level actions as well as higher ones using e.g. Megablitz at one base = one battalion. The units tend to live in NBC sized chunks in their storage boxes however.

2mm Soviet Tank Regiment in its custom storage tray made out of an old kit box with stapled corners. You can fit multiple levels of these trays into one A4 box file.

Three tank battalions. For NBC Sov tank battalions usually only have two bases but I did three for each so I can either represent the individual companies or they can model three battalion regiments in higher level games. Models are the genric T64/72/80 by Irregular.

BMP battalion. A wildly optimistic unit for the early 80s when most Tank Regiments were lucky to have a single company, but handy for doing a divisional BMP regiment of three battalions. BMP models and half length infantry strips for the dismounts.

SP 122mm artillery battalion (two artillery bases and a spotter/battery CO base), again somewhat optimistic for the early 1980s. The guns have trucks based with them and a LOG marker for tracking ammo in higher level games. Models are genric lorries and 4wd 'jeep', plus cut down M109s and a heavily filed BMP to produce an MTLB.

Regimental assets, AA company (Shilkas converted from Hummels!), engineers (BTRs and infantry), HQ (BMP, T64 and HQ base) and recce company (BMPs).

The regiment configured as a Megablitz type division. Recce Bn, 3 x tank regiments, BMP regiment plus divisional artillery group and divisional assets. In this case the tank regiment BMP companies are factored in, but the BMP regiment has a battalion of T62s.

BMP regiment, logistic train and divisional artillery. The DAG includes a battalion of BM21 rocket launchers.


  1. Fowrard to the West Comrades!

  2. I am sure we will see some more advancing westwards shortly.

  3. And I thought GHQ 1/285 scale was already super micro. 2mm??? WOW... man.. wow. haha

  4. Well, they are cheap, dpn't take up much space and mean I can use the same model for a T64, T72 or T80:)

    If it was less of a peripheral interest for me I'd probably do it in a larger scale, but late 1970s Cold War has only been allocated one box file of storage space.