Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Triples 2013

Most of the membership of Sheffield Wargames Society turned out once again to help out with Triples 2013, our annual wargames show. This was held over two days at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield.

This year the car park wasn't being dug up, so unloading for traders on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning was very smooth. We had a good turnout of traders (I only saw one empty stand this year)  and first impressions were that the headcount was up this year.

There was a fair amount of pre-show publicity this year, including articles in the local press and an interview with Radio Sheffield (very) early on Saturday morning.

I was mainly involved in runing the Wargames Developments Display Team (north) game, Ten Rounds Rapid, which I'll cover in a seperate report. I did manage a spot of shopping two, mostly pre-ordered or pre-planned stuff including yet more 15mm WW2 Russian armour, more Kallistra hexes and a pile more stuff from Irregular including 2mm Cold War and further expansions for my 6mm IWI/APW/FPW armies. The unplanned items included a brace of Stug III Ds, some lorries (you can never have too many), a brass measuring stick in 1" increments and an amusing 'probability dice' from Magister Militum which I will no doubt find a use for.

General photo dump below, some commented. Sadly my pictures of the British Legion Funny Little wars game were too blurry to be of any use.

The calm before the storm, main hall on Saturday morning before most of the tradrers arrive.

Tim supervises proceedings, supported by Stephen Thomas's 1/35th scale flyer.

Main hall

Radio controlled tanks, these were a big hit.

Beautiful 6mm hoplites.

Paddle steamers on the Nile


RC tanks in action, they used a MILES laser system to shoot

Competition tables, these ran over both days

I was rather taken with these 30mm flats.

Bellona trees too, real old school.

A massive Napoleonic game

The Ilkley Lads prize winning Italian Wars game

Ten Rounds Rapid in progress

RC tanks fight around the ruins

Tim presides over the awards presentation in his capacity as club chairman.
The highly improbable probability dice

Measuring rod

It unscrews into shorter sections

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