Sunday, 12 May 2013

Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Stugs

At Triples last year Caliver books were doing a 'five boxes of PSC for the price of four' deal, and for my extra box I picked up  a box of 15mm Stugs. There are five in a box, and they can be made up into a range of F or G models.

Some enterprising gamers have converted the Fs into earlier models, but I have no need for early war 15mm Stugs as yet as my 15mm Germans are predominantly late war, so I made them up as Gs to supplement my Peter Pig Stug III Gs.

PSC 15mm Stugs (all made up as Gs)

Stug III G (early) with boxy mantlet, one with and one without side skirts.

Stug III G (late) with Saukopf, remote MG etc.

StuH 105mm, just in case and particularly tough bunkers are encountered!

They all went together nicely, with the usual PSC caveat about the tracks fitting one, and only one, way on the running gear. Once you've done a couple it becomes very obvious which way round they go. The finished models 'sit' very well despite their light weight compared to metal ones. I really liked the sideskirts on these, went on easily and looked great. The panel lines are also well etched for a plastic kit and take a wash well.

The vehicles were all finished dunkelgelb/green/brown camo with a dark brown inkwash with extra mud and a light overall drybrush of pale tan. The ink/mud/dust helps blend the camo into a single mass of 'dirty greeny brown' as one veteran described how their vehicles actually looked. Decals are Skytrex/Command Decision.


  1. Hi Martin,

    They look really nice! Gotta love the STUG 3 - a simple but very effective design.

    All the best,


  2. Thanks Dave, they do look rather nice and fit in well with my Peter Pig ones.