Tuesday, 2 July 2013

20mm First World War Germans (part 2)

Taking a break from the excitement in Vulgaria, more 20mm WW1 Germans, this time field guns and tanks. The artillery is all Emhar, although I do have some of the HaT long 77mm guns I haven't got round to assembling them yet.

77mm guns (early) although they were used for the whole war. The gun commander figure somewhat incongrously is wearing a picklehaube and waving a sword although the other chaps are in steel helmets.

I cut the swords off a couple of them. My usual 'heavy grey drybrush over a black undercoat' paint job. There are the usual problems with these models of getting soft plastic parts to stick together, these were done with superglue and then covered in undiluted PVA.

The figures and guns also had a dark brown inkwash and a final highlight of very light grey, which picks out the details.

Emhar A7V, marked up as 'Mephisto', the sole surviving example and famous for being the first ever tank knocked out in a tank battle . Nice easy kit to put together with very few parts.

This is a huge vehicle, as can be seen by the nearby figures. Basic colour scheme for this vehicle is dark field grey with disruptive red brown patches, strangely similar to the interwar Reichsheer scheme.

Like the guns this also had an inkwash and a drybrush, which picks out the large number of rivets.


  1. Excellent stuff, I like the A7V particularly.

  2. Never mind all this hi-tech stuff - where is the officer with the dog? The sometime leader of the notorious 'Stosstruppe von Gow'....

  3. The A7V is just a ridiculous tank, but every German Army has to have one.

    As for the officer with his dog, he does't seem to have made the earlier photo shoot. Perhaps I will have to arrange a 'Ludicrous WW1 Command Stands' post. I'm sure that British chap wearing shorts will feature...