Thursday, 18 July 2013

Soviet BMP Regiment

This is a 2mm BMP regiment, like the Tank Regiment, it is also set up mainly for use with NBC but with the capability to scale up to division sized games by swapping some components in and out with other formations.

BMP Regiment in its bespoke storage tray. This unit has 20 elements so fits exactly into its box, unlike the tank regiment which has 19 elements. Eagle eyed viewers will note it doesn't quite fit as I miscalculated the box size.

Three motor rifle battalions, each company stand with a pair of BMP models and half an infantry strip.

Tank battalion. T62s in this case but in less fortunate formations, T55s. Uses the generic T55/62 model.

SP artillery battalion, a pair of slimmed down M109s standing in for SP 122mm guns and a heavily filed BMP to produce an MTLB for the battalion command stand.

Regimental HQ. HQ stand, BRDM-1s and SA-9 both converted from Sdkfz 222s(!), recce company in BMPs and engineer company in BTRs.

These guys are heavily drybrushed Vellejo Russian Green (Green 894?) over a black base. It comes out pretty dark in the this scale so there is a lighter drybrush of the same colour lightened with ochre. Then a final very, very light highlight of Iraqi sand. I did try some washes but in fact the drybrushing seems to work better. 'Tracks' are just a highlighting slash of mud colour, although I painted tyred wheels black. Vehicles windows are done in a mid blue (reflected sky) the same as I do for larger scale vehicles and are actually quite effective. Based on very fine Woodland Scenics flock.

Converting the armoured cars is a complete pain and actually puts me off doing more stuff. I rather regret not doing this in 3mm now where the available ranges of modern vehicles are bigger, but I can get away with less fudging as to vehicle types with the bigger models, so horses for courses.

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