Saturday, 20 July 2013

20mm WW1 Germans (Part 3)

In my recent WW1 postings, Tim mentioned my 'one man and his dog' command stand, so by popular request, here are a few WW1 German command stands.

These are fairly typical 'officer with pistol' poses but I like the figure in greatcoat and helmet. Emhar and Revell respectively.

The magnificent Revell officer with binoculars figure.

Emhar officers, more relaxed poses.

Multi-based higher command stand. Emhar again, the same figures as above.

Finally, everyones favourite 'one man and his dog' command stands. Emhar officers plus messenger dog. I can't for the life of me remember who does the German messenger dogs, but as everything else is Revell and Emhar I guess they are one or the other.

These are finished the same as the other figures. Various layers of greys over a black base, these also look suspiciously like they've had an inkwash too. Bases are plain builders sand with clumps of woodland scenics mixed turf, but essentially they just look like mud. As with most of my other bases, they have bits of magnetic strip on which are useful for game markers. The single figures on pennies don't of course.


  1. Hi Martin,

    They look really effective and the basing idea is pretty neat for the Western Front. My Chaco war collection will be based a la Megablitz so seeing the magnetic square in the corner has made me think that perhaps that is a better location than in the centre. It looks less obtrusive somehow.

    All the best,


  2. Thanks Dave, by default I put the magnetic squares in the corner although for some types of base I use the centre (often vehicles or split trail guns). With my 2mm stuff it was an easy way to differentiate NATO and Warpac. All the sov stuff uses the centre.

  3. Sorry, meant to add that I often paint them so they blend in a bit more too.

  4. just been catching up on your blog excellent painting WW1 inspirational for next years project...really like the Emhar German artillery & one man and his dog!

  5. Thank you, I'm not sure how easy it is to get 1/72nd scale Emhar any more, but it was all that was around in plastic before HaT starrted doing WW1 artillery.

  6. Ah yes - the steely-eyed commander of Stosstruppe Von Gow!